4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Town Planning Consultant

Are you renovating a property or subdividing land for business purposes? You most likely require town planning services. Property development can be quite challenging, and enlisting a professional can be very useful. 

While town planners offer unparalleled support, they also help you save time and money handling the intricacies involved. This post highlights four benefits of hiring town planning consultants. 

Managing Survey Requirements and Dispute Prevention

You may be required to produce a site and context plan when planning structural renovations. Working with a professional land surveyor helps establish the actual boundaries for your property. Over the years, property owners erect walls and fences that may cross boundary lines. 

The land surveyor provides accurate information concerning ownership and the location of utility features, roads, fencing, buildings and much more. It's thus crucial to define these boundary lines on the outset before commencing your project. 

Making Precise Documentation and Developing Planning Permits

You don't want to be caught on the wrong side of planning statutes. Unless you are an expert, it's hard to figure out the exact permits you require. Conducting a professional survey helps establish the type of licenses you need from the local authorities. 

There may also be other restrictions such as maximum building heights, the distance between neighbouring properties and building plot ratio. Hiring a town planning consultant can assist you to avoid costly mistakes before commencing renovation or building. 

Networking and Local Area Know-How

Local town planning consultants have excellent networking skills and have an in-depth understanding of local jurisdiction requirements. They possess a working knowledge of various zones and their respective permits. Additionally, they understand all building regulations that local developers, builders and renovators must follow. 

They are also familiar with the planning committee's calendar, documentation and required language during application submission. Your town planners can save you more time and effort because they understand all these aspects. 

Quality Assurance and Efficiency

The presentation and quality of information you submit to the council determine whether your plans will sail through successfully. The local council is more disposed towards high-quality building plans alongside a comprehensive report. 

The council always seeks to know how you can meet all the planning scheme requirements. Hiring a qualified land surveyor ensures you present a stellar report that will guarantee a successful outcome. 


These are the four main advantages of working with professional and certified town planners. They help turn your ideas into reality and help get your planning application approved quickly. Besides, their input prevents you from making costly mistakes and enables you to avoid planning restriction loopholes.