Top Traits of Quality Disposable Fabric Toilet Covers

Travelling with children can be a real hassle sometimes, and if you don't make sure the kids are comfortable then your trip might turn to a nightmare. This is especially the case if it is a long-distance journey. Unfortunately, most parents forget the most important part when preparing their children for a long trip -- nature calls. While a portable potty works well for short distances, your children might have to use public restrooms in the case of long distances. Therefore, disposable fabric toilet seat covers are essential since they reduce germs in toilet seats by 50-fold. However, what qualities should you be looking for in a quality disposable toilet seat cover? Read on to find out.    

Sticky Peel Tabs

If your child uses a portable potty for nature calls, you must have noticed that they move about when going about their business. Such movement is involuntary, and therefore you can't merely tell them to stop. You should expect the same if your kids are going to use a public toilet. If you buy standard disposable toilet seat covers, they will be of little use if your child can push it off the toilet seat. It is for this reason that parents should carefully inspect the disposable fabric toilet seat covers and only buy those that have sticky peel tabs. It makes it easy to apply the seat cover, and the best part is that they remain put regardless of how much your child moves their bottom.  

Water-Resistant Barrier

Some parents opt to use tissue paper to cover the toilet seat if they don't have a disposable toilet seat cover. However, these are only useful if the toilet seat is dry. If the toilet seat is wet -- as is the case in most public toilets -- a tissue strip will absorb the liquid, thus exposing your child to germs. A quality disposable fabric toilet cover is not only usable on dry surfaces, but also wet toilet seats. It is made possible by a special barrier that serves two functions: preventing moisture from penetrating through and keeping germs at bay. With the protective barrier, it doesn't matter how wet the toilet seat is, the cover will protect your child.  

Super-soft Fabric

Children's skin is very delicate, and therefore only disposable toilet seat covers made of super soft fabric will do. If you do not pay attention to the material, you might end up buying a seat cover made from a rough material, and that will make it difficult for your child to use. Additionally, as was mentioned earlier, children like to move about when going about their business in the potty. If they do so on rough fabric, they might get irritations on their bum, consequently messing up the entire journey. A super soft fabric, on the other hand, makes answering the call of nature comfortable for your child.

For more information about the benefits of disposable toilet seat covers for children, reach out to companies like Potty Pal.