Business Owners: 3 Occasions When You May Need to Hire a Generator

A generator is a stand-alone device which creates electrical power which is separate from the public power supply. As a business owner, there may be occasions when you need to hire a generator. Below is a guide to 3 occasions when you may need to hire a generator for your business.

You are putting on a special promotional event

If you are planning to put on a special promotional event, you may wish to set up outdoor lighting, a sound system so you can play music or a bouncy castle slide for children as part of a family fun day. Family fun days can be a great way of encouraging customers to engage with your business. However, in order to power the lighting, sound system or the air pump which keeps the bouncy castle inflated, you will need electrical power. Hiring a generator is the best way to outdoor power events, as it is not ordinarily safe to use extension power cords which draw energy from the sockets inside a building. A generator hire company like Total Generators will be able to offer you advice on the size of generator you require in order to power equipment at your promotional family fun day.

You have a power cut

Power cuts can be caused by faulty lines or bad weather. If a power cut hits your business, the lighting will fail, the electronic point-of-sale equipment will not work and any automatic doors may stop working. This means that for the duration of the power cut, you may not be able to open for business, which could cost a lot in lost revenue. If your business suffers a power cut that is likely to last longer than a few hours, hiring a generator can provide you with a way of delivering basic power to your retail centre so you can continue to operate. Many generator hire companies will have a rapid response team which will get a generator out to you at speed during an emergency.

You have invested in new mobile promotional equipment 

If you have invested in new equipment for your business such as promotional van which can be driven to a location and then turned into a promotional display, this cannot be connected to the public power supply. Therefore, you may need to hire or buy a generator so you can power it during operation.

To find out more, you should contact a generator hire company today.