Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

You finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. How do you pop the question? Marriage proposal doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, but it should be creative and romantic; below are some proposal ideas:

Scavenger hunt

If your partner loves adventure, create a scavenger hunt for them. Partner with a few friends or family members to create an experience they won't forget. Use places that are meaningful to your relationship such as the place where you had your first date or your first kiss as pit stops. In addition, use cards or notes or even a voice recording to give clues and the significance of each stop. Once they get to the final destination, be there, ready to propose under a romantic backdrop complete with your partner's favourite song. Have those involved in the planning make a recording of the day's events for posterity.

Propose while on vacation

A vacation is usually a relaxed time and thus an ideal time to pop the question. Take your partner to a place that they like and enlist the help of the staff to propose. You can let the host know your plans in advance so that your partner is given special treatment from the word go. This will make the proposal memorable and romantic as well. In addition, they can do a recording or take photos for you to remember.

Propose privately

Not everyone likes a flashy display of affection. Some people prefer intimate moments where nobody else is present. Your partner's preference for privacy does not in any way mean that you can only propose at home. You can propose on a secluded beach, at an empty parking lot or even out on a picnic. The idea is to be as honest as possible, as the focus will be more on words. If you want photographs of the moment, have a friend take them from a hidden place.

Invest in a ring

While you can propose without a ring; a ring makes the moment stand out and is evidence that you got engaged. Diamond engagement rings are a popular choice. Most girls spend their childhood and youth dreaming about their engagement; a precious ring is the ultimate fulfilment of this dream.

Finding a great marriage proposal idea may seem tough. You don't need an over-the-top idea though; all you need is a proposal that is unique to your relationship and for your partner to say yes!