Glass Balustrade Styles You Could Consider For Your Decking

Installing a raised deck is a favourite option for homeowners who have a sprawling yard and would like to make the most of their views. However, an elevated deck does pose a safety challenge, especially if it is not appropriately secured. Thus, it would be a great idea to consider the installation of a balustrade to ensure people, more so children, do not accidentally fall off the deck. So what if you do not want your views obstructed with balustrading materials? Fortunately, there is glass balustrading that can provide you with the safety that you require without having to compromise on enjoying your landscape. Here are some glass balustrade styles that you could consider for your decking.

Frameless balustrading

Undoubtedly, if you would like to retain the sightlines of your property, frameless glass balustrades would be the perfect fit for your deck. This style of balustrading is considered the least obstructive of all designs as it will not create any visible barriers between your residence and your property. Moreover, they do not require any posts to secure them in place, and the panels are installed directly into the sides of the deck. For maximum efficiency, choose transparent glass panels rather than the sandblasted variety unless you would like to increase the privacy of your deck.

Spigot balustrading

If you would like to install frameless balustrading on your deck but find that this particular design cannot be achieved for one reason or another, then you could consider spigot, also referred to as mini post, balustrades. As the name implies, mini-posts are first installed on your deck to provide columns in which the panes are secured into. When the glass balustrading is in place, there is a gap between the floor and the balustrades. This gap creates the illusion of floating balustrading that adds a unique touch to your deck.

Infill balustrading

Homeowners that have young children or live with someone that has their mobility compromised would have to consider installing handrails on their deck. If you would like your balustrading to complement these handrails without obscuring the view of your yard, then infill balustrading would be a good option. With this style of balustrading, the framing of the glass panels is designed to facilitate the mounting of handrails above the balustrade. You then have the option of either having the handrail floating a few inches above the glass panels or installed directly on top of them.