Safe Use of Your Ute Crane: 4 Top Tips

If your general contracting work requires you to move heavy loads and materials from location to location, you may be considering purchasing a ute crane. A ute crane is a small mechanical crane which fits onto the back of a flatbed ute. The crane allows for objects to be easily loaded and unloaded during a job. However, if you are planning to use a ute crane, it is important that both you and your workforce understand how to stay safe when using the lifting equipment. Below are some top tips which will help you to stay safe during ute crane operations.

Be aware of the max load

The maximum safe load will depend on the size of the crane which has been installed on your ute. If you overload the crane and attempt to lift an item, it is highly likely that this will result in your vehicle tipping over. A vehicle which suddenly tips over presents a potentially deadly hazard to anyone standing nearby. When purchasing the equipment, you should carefully check the max lifting weight and ensure that this is clearly displayed on the control panel. You should also train your staff to check the weight of any load before lifting operations begin.

Stop using the crane if there are any technical problems

If you notice that the crane is not performing as it should be, you should stop all lifting operations and have the crane inspected by a qualified technician. This will prevent the crane from suddenly failing mid-lift which could cause a load to fall to the ground.

Man the controls whenever the crane is in use

When performing lifting operations, you should always have a qualified worker at the control panel. You should never on any occasion leave the controls unattended while lifting is taking place. Leaving a load suspended in the air while no one is in control of the crane places anyone in the immediate area at risk.

Don't attempt any unauthorised modifications

The manual which is supplied with your crane will provide you with detailed guidance about the different accessories which can be used with the equipment. For example, some ute cranes can be modified, so they carry a cargo net. This net can be loaded with items can then lifted using the crane. You should never attempt to modify your ute crane using equipment or accessories which are not listed in the owners manual. Unauthorised modifications could lead to equipment failure and may invalidate your vehicles insurance. 

If you would like further advice, contact a business which specialises in ute cranes.